By Office D.SHARP

Create your first project media, pitch it to a range of journalists and create a repeatable process for future project launches.

Decisions required.

Check out this unique-sexy matrix from Bowerbird. What will a journalist find interesting about your project? What makes it unique? How will it appeal to people?


Projects named after the street, neighbourhood or client are a bit bland, and hard to remember or find on Google. Think about a name that refers to the one-of-a-kind feature (such as Hello house by OOF! ArchitectureRoof House by Tezuka Architects or even a broader cultural trend such as ‘brexit bunker’ by RISE Design Studio.

Bowerbird recommend the ‘Fast then slow’ strategy’: Start with fast publications (Instagram feeds, Blogs) that get your project out there in small digital bites, and move on to slower media (Magazines, Books, TV) as time goes on; where more in-depth stories will be told.”

By focusing on these three storytelling devices, you’ll be able to show a journalist what makes the project worth writing about.

You’ll want to document all relevant information about the project such as the products used, the consultants involved, the budget, the location of the project and so on. This will help journalists to write their story.

Action items.

Here is an example outreach email: