By Office D.SHARP

Create a case study for your website. A solid case study is the ultimate self promotion tool. You’re able to educate people, explain how you solve problems, and encourage leads to convert all in a single document.

Everyone wants a peek behind the curtain. Everyone wants to see how the magic trick is done. The case study is the perfect way to give them access: to give them a ‘free preview’ of what it is to work with you.

Decisions required.

To help tease out what’s unique about your firm’s process, think back to your previous workplaces and discuss the ways your firm operates differently.

The Case Study structure.

Every great story needs a hero, and nine times out of ten, your hero is going to be your client. They’re the ones who have the challenges that we can solve. Remember, stories are all about challenges.

Your challenge is to write the story around their needs, not your creative pursuits. Here is a useful framework by Chris Do.

1. The Goal.

Introduce the client and the site. Start painting the picture of your hero’s current normal, and their goals.

2. The Compelling Event.

Paint the picture of what spurred the hero into action. What was the last straw? Why build a new project? Why use an architect? Why you?

3. The Gap.

Explain the process of trying to achieve the goal or solve the problem. Talk about your process like your reader is really smart, but just doesn’t know much about the architectural design process (who can blame them).

4. The Rollout.

What were the challenges of delivering the project? How did the hero of the story feel about these challenges? What was your role?